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Client Charter

This Client charter is a statement of our commitments to provide you, our valued commuter, with a safe, reliable and affordable journey thus enabling us to remain “The Preferred Public Transportation” in Penang.

Our Service Standards
Rapid Penang is committed to delivering the best value for its commuters. We aim to meet the following service standards:


  • Our Bus Captains are to be equipped with all relevant and essential knowledge through consistent training sessions; therefore ensuring the safety of our commuters at all times.

  • Our Bus Captains are to give special attention to the Orang Kurang Upaya (OKU), elderly, pregnant women and children at all times.

  • Consistent maintenance of all buses are to run on schedule, ensuring preventive and predictive maintenance for the fleet.

  • All buses are equipped with the appropriate safety tools eg. a portable fire extinguisher, first aid kit and emergency triangle/cone to address any untoward incidents.


Constant involvement and support from internal (our Rapid Penang family) and external parties (related authorities), will enhance and improve the headways at a set level of 80% from the preset bus schedule.

Cooperation from the state & federal authorities to improving traffic conditions (especially in town/city), the development of fundamental infrastructures (road conditions) and enforcement of the abuse of road amenities such as illegal roadside parking, misuse of bus stops and obstruction of designated interchange terminals are to contribute to smoother traffic flows.



Easy Access to Information
Each main hub/terminal will display all destinations/routes & bus schedules for easy comprehension. The user friendly Rapid Penang website displays all relevant information.


Clean & Pleasant Journey
All Rapid Penang buses are cleaned on a daily basis to maintain its brand-new appearance. With OKU-friendly features, ultra low decks and fully air-conditioned buses, commuters are assured a comfortable and pleasant journey all day, everyday.