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Going The Extra Mile
At Rapid Penang, we understand the importance of looking out for one another. For the elderly, for the less fortunate, for the younger generations, and for you. Therefore it is our pleasure to present you with various concession cards that seek to lighten your financial burden while travelling with us and at the same time provide the extra convenience of a cash-less ride.

We acknowledge your continuous support in riding with us, and these are simply our way of saying thank you.


rapid Travel Cards
Special concession cards are available for senior citizens, the disabled as well as for students in which those eligible for application can enjoy exclusive discounts off their fares.

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rapid Info Counter
Rapid Penang has information counters set up at different locations to assist you in your travels. Find out more about their locations and their respective operating hours.

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Lost & Found
If you have lost an article on board a bus or at a bus terminal, and would like to report it, please fill in the form and we will try our best to assist you.



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