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About Rapid Kamunting

Creating Connectivity and Mobility in Greater Kamunting

Rapid Kamunting is a collaboration between Northern Corridor Implementation Authority (NCIA) and Prasarana Malaysia Berhad, in introducing a city bus service operated by Rapid Penang.

This service commences its operation from 3 March 2016 onwards with 7 buses, which serves in two different loops, known as Taiping Loop and Jejak Warisan Loop. This initiative is to encourage the use of public transportation with affordable fares for local commuters and tourists.

The Jejak Warisan Loop plies along Taipingís well known attractions and heritage areas. In order to enjoy the picturesque heritage sites in Kamunting and other parts of Taiping, commuters are encouraged to hop on Rapid Kamunting bus from its hub at Jalan Iskandar and head to the heritage sites and attractions such as Maxwell Hill, Taiping Zoo and Taiping Lake Gardens. Meanwhile, the Taiping Loop plies along Kamunting industrial and residential areas, such as Taman Mewah and Taman Yayasan. This service begins at its hub located at Kamunting Raya Express Bus Terminal.

Both Taiping Loop and Jejak Warisan Loop services begin at 6am from its respective hubs and end at 10pm daily.

For further information on Rapid Kamunting, please click here and you will be directed to more detailed route information and schedule as well as bus fares.

Connect with us on social media; Facebook/rapidkamunting and Twitter at @RapidKamunting for further updates on our latest bus service!

For next bus info, commuters may contact ICIS at 04-238 1313